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Current News  -- April 2018

It has been almost three years since my dear husband was in a fatal car accident. I am lucky to have found resilence and happiness after this personal tragedy. I have moved to Gunnison, Colorado just 30 miles from my previous location in Crested Butte. I am currently the "potter" in residence at the Gunnison Arts Center. In exchange for studio space, I give them time and expertise. I am also teaching classes off and on at GAC. New beginnings are exciting and challenging. I am looking forward to life's new adventures with an open mind and heart.

I traveled to Haiti in February 2013, 2014 and 2015 to team teach pottery classes to Haitian women in Port-au-Prince building practical skills to foster art-based employment. My dear friend Nicole Copel and I traveled together to Haiti. We met Sarah Jane Gray and Scott Dillman from Grunewald Guild there. In 2015 the four of us helped seven Haitian women advance their throwing skills. It was exciting to see how far they had come in the year since we were there. The potters of Apparent Project are really developing their skills and are selling work through the boutique at Papillion Enterprise. Check out their websites at and