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Donna Rozman received her BFA from Saint Mary's College, Notre Dame, Indiana and MFA in ceramics from Kansas State University, Manhattan. Over the years she continued to study ceramics by participating in many workshops led by nationally renowned potters. Donna works at her studio at the Gunnison Arts Center. She has exhibited her work nationally and internationally, written articles for ceramic publications, and taught many workshops at colleges across the United States. Donna is currently a ceramic instructor at the Gunnison Art Center. In 2006 through a grant from the Lighton International Artist Exchange Program, a project of the Kansas City Artists Coalition, Donna partook in a six-week artist residency at the International Ceramic Studio in Kecskemet, Hungary. In 2010 Donna traveled to Fuping, China to speak at the International Ceramic Magazine Editors Association symposium.

Donna is represented by Grubstake Gallery, Crested Butte, Colorado and La Veta Gallery, La Veta, Colorado.  Selected exhibitions include: Rendezvous: National Ceramic Invitational, The Art Association of Jackson Hole, Wyoming, Contemporary Clay 2006, 2008, 2010, The Art Center, Grand Junction, Concordia Continental Ceramics Competition, Saint Paul, Minnesota; The 3rd World Ceramic Biennale Korea International Competition, Icheon, Korea; Ink & Clay 32, Kellogg University Art Gallery, Pomona, California; Regionalism, University Memorial Center Art Gallery, Boulder.




Artist Statement

            Influenced by multicultural spirituality, my current work investigates the tantalizing relationship between spirituality and sexuality. As I build wheel-thrown and altered forms, I add spiritual as well as erotic symbols. The resulting niche-like sanctuaries house abstract, sensual statuettes. The controlled patterns have historic, cultural references; but also represent structure and control. The exposed terra cotta adds a raw, earthy look. The shrine-like form is a symbol of spirituality while the floral statuettes add a very sensuous aspect the piece.

            I am also interested in the dynamics of opposing forces co-existing  in our world; pulling and pushing to find a balance. Using symbolism to convey these ideas, my intent is for the viewer to interpret the piece from his/her own frame of reference -- each individual finding fresh, unique interpretations of the content of the form. These themes are quietly present in my functional pieces as well.